New Dragon Ball Series Announced! “Dragon Ball Super”

After waiting 18 years since the last Dragon Ball series, it is exciting to see yet another full Dragon Ball series is on the way; and it’s said to be called “Dragon Ball Super.” What is even more exciting is the original story writer, Akira Toriyama, is included in this project.

The Dragon Ball franchise hasn’t received an additional series since 1997 when Dragon Ball GT was released (not including games or movies). Despite DBGT being a part of the anime series, Akira Toriyama was not. And so the new Dragon Ball Super TV series will pick up after the Dragon Ball Z ending (not dbgt). This means the Dragon Ball story will continue after the Majin Buu series and will obviously include Goku (as an adult), Gohan, Chi-Chi, Vegeta, Piccolo, Bulma, Yamcha and the whole gang.

Osamu Nozaki, Fuji TV’s producer, says “We may even see the appearance of an enemy that is strong than Buu or Frieze…” Which begs the question; If Buu pushes Goku to Super Saiyan 3, will this new villain take Goku and friends to Super Saiyan 4? And if so, will SS4 look like it did in Dragon Ball GT? If not, what will it look like?

Dragon Ball Super Air Date

The much anticipated Dragon Ball Super is set to air on Fuji TV sometime during the month of July (this year – 2015). The actual date has yet to be set but we have been told it will be airring at 9:00 P.M. JPT. However, its noteworthy to mention that these episodes may not include subtitles and certainly will not be english dubbed (at least not yet). As of right now we do not know when Dragon Ball Super will be dubbed and released in English versions.


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