Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest

The movie starts with Gohan and Oolong searching for the Dragon Balls. While they’re looking at a Dragon Radar, the two notice that all the Dragon Balls are being gathered in to one place. They set out to find out who is gathering them. As they progress in their search they stumble upon an eternal ice wall where Piccolo just happens to be training.

A character called Dr. Kochin, the one who was collecting the dragon balls, finally gets them all together and summons shenron to make his wish. He wishes that the eternal ice wall would melt away and reveal Dr. Wheelo’s lab, which had been swallowed up by ice a long time ago.

Shortly after Kochin’s wish, the ice melts and Biomen come out to attack Gohan, Oolong and Piccolo. Unfortunately Piccolo is overwhelmed by mysterious fighters but Gohan and Oolong are able to escape.

When Oolong makes it back he informs Goku of what happened. Goku then goes to find Bulma and Master Roshi. Eventually Goku, Roshi, Krillin and the gang fight against Dr. Wheelo and the biomen.