Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone

As this movie beings, it opens with a scene of Piccolo being attacks by a group of mysterious fighters. Shortly after, Chi-Chi, Gohan (Goku and Chi-Chi’s son), and Chi-Chi’s father, Ox King, are also attacked by this group. Goku returns only to find that his son has been taken.

It is later revealed that Gohan was taken because of the four-star Dragon Ball which was attached to his hat. The henchmen responsible were sent by Garlic Jr. As he obtains all 7 Dragon Balls, he calls upon Shenron to grant him Immortality.

Goku arrives to get Gohan back and quickly hears of Garlic Jr’s new power. A fight breaks out as Krillin and Piccolo arrive to help. As Goku, Piccolo and Krillin beat their opponents they find Kami outmatched by Garlic Jr’s new power. They come to his rescue and team up to fight Garlic Jr in his new, second form. As the battle continues, young Gohan is enveloped in rage at the sight of Goku and friends being put in danger by Garlic Jr. Gohan then shoots out a massive blast of energy at Garlic Jr. Gohan’s attack pushes Garlic Jr into his own vortex which traps him for eternity.