Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure

Goku and Krillin are training with Master Roshi for the World’s Martial Arts Tournament. Meanwhile, Chiaotzu is trying to find his lost doll (called “Ran Ran”). Pilaf and his gang continue to work on a Dragon Radar to locate the Dragon Balls. They claim they’re going to use the wish to locate Chiaotzu’s missing doll, but they have secretly planned to kill Chiaotzu and take over the country.

As the story progresses, Bulma, Oolong, Launch and Puar are looking for the Dragon Balls so Bulma can summon Shenron and make a wish. They quickly find out there are six Dragon Balls in Chiaotzu’s palace; so the group sets out to find them.

The story ends with Chiaotzu and Tien becoming friends. Goku is able to summon Shenron after finding the final Dragon Ball. Their wish is to resurrect Bora who is happily reunited with his son.