Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

The story of the Curse of the Blood Rubies centers around “King Gurumes” who is in search of the Dragon Balls. King Gurumes (or “King Gourmeth” according to the dubbed version) has fallen under a curse after finding the Blood Rubies. He hopes that by finding the Dragon Balls, he can use his wish to remove the curse.

Like the main series Dragon Ball, Bulma is in search of the Dragon Balls as well. And she quickly runs in to Goku who is carrying a rather large fish home to fix a meal. The two talk about a Dragon Ball which was given to Goku at a young age. When the Dragon Ball is stolen, Goku and Bulma take off to find it.

As the story continues, Goku and Bulma meet Oolong, Yamcha, Master Roshi and others.

The story comes to an end with the curse of the blood rubies being lifted. Bulma and Yamcha end up dating and Goku decides to travel back to Master Roshi’s island to train with him.