Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Gets SSGSS Goku and Vegeta

‘Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Botuden’ is a highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS game set to release in Japan on June 11, 2015. There hasn’t been a lot of attention for this title yet, probably due to the recent release of Xenoverse. Regardless of the slow hype, Extreme Botuden will surely catch fire with the release of new information and game play trailers.

Bandai released a video nearly 8 minutes in length of Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Botuden gameplay. This title is obviously another street-fighter style, 2D fighting game with all the super saiyans and friends we’ve grown to love.

Playing the Extreme Butoden demo and transferring over to the game’s full version (upon release) will unlock these SSGSS forms. Unfortunately this game is only available in Japan as of now and still no talk of moving it in to the western world. It is safe to say, given the recent success of xenoverse, and numerous other Dragon Ball titles, that this game will most likely make its way to the US, UK and Canada but that has not yet been confirmed.

Shown above is a game play video presented by shonen gamez showing off Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Botuden and the amazing blue-haired SSGSS forms of your favorite saiyan.