• Name: Vegeta (ベジータ)
  • Species: Saiyan
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 ft 5 inches
  • Weight: 123 lbs


The Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta, starts out as a powerful villain in the Dragon Ball Z series. Things eventually change and he joins the Z Fighters to help protect planet earth. Originally from planet Vegeta, he is the son of King Vegeta and one of the main protagonists through out the Dragon Ball series, movies, manga and games. He is also, eventually, the only saiyan that rivals Goku in power.

After Vegeta’s first appearance in Dragon Ball Z, he soon becomes a friend to the Z fighters and eventually becomes one of the strongest in the Z fighters and one of the strongest saiyans in the universe. Vegeta achieves super saiyan then super saiyan ascended during the cell saga. Unfortunately, the added power of “ascended saiyan” is not quite enough to defeat cell. He does surpass this level and has the ability to go SS2 before the end of DBZ. During DBGT, Vegeta is able to attain SS4 after he regrows his tail with the help of a device created by his wife Bulma.

Vegeta has a variety of appearances throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, but he can usually be found wearing blue fighting gear or saiyan armor. In earlier episodes he even wears a power scouter.

The temperament of Vegeta is usually annoyed. He always seems a little angry, super proud (because he is the prince of saiyans) and he is usually very sure of himself (arrogant). Eventually he marries Bulma and has a son names Trunks and a daughter named Bulla. Vegeta’s attitude eventually changes. While he is still proud or arrogant, he is more friendly, fun and likable. This attitude is seen in some of the latest Dragon Ball Z movies and will likely be seen more in Dragon Ball Super.


Vegeta has some unique skills and abilities that aren’t used by any other saiyans or members of the Z-fighters. He is extremely fast and skilled in martial arts but the list below only includes energy blasts that are considered to be large attacks which are meant for dealing extreme damage to opponents.

  • Final Flash – One of Vegeta’s most powerful attacks. He first uses this attack during the cell saga while fighting against “Perfect Cell.” Vegeta builds hi energy for a short duration then place his hands together in front of him with his palms cupped together.  A large aura envelops him as lightning crackles all around. He yells “FINAL FLASH” as a large bolt of ki energy shoots out from his hands towards his opponent.
  • Galick Gun – Vegeta first uses the Galick Gun attack against Goku during the Dragon Ball Z series. He starts by charging energy into his body. His hands are placed behind him and held up towards his shoulders. His posture is slightly bent and side ways. Vegeta then yells “GALICK GUN” and thrusts both arms forward, shooting a massive beam of energy towards his opponent.
  • Big Bang Attack – This is one of Vegeta’s attacks that doesn’t require a long build up. He places his right arm straight out in front of him with his palm facing directly towards his opponent. He collects energy into one single ball of energy. He then hurls the energy ball towards his opponent at high speeds, dealing a large amount of damage.


As one of the strongest saiyans in the series, Vegeta reaches SS4 in DBGT and even SSGSS in the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F.” So he does go through almost every single stage of super saiyan but he does have a few special forms which are listed below.

Great Ape VegetaGreat Ape

Vegeta only goes in to a great ape (Oozaru) form a couple times during the Dragon Ball series. The first time Vegeta transforms into a great ape is during the Dragon Ball Z series during his fight with Goku. Vegeta has his tail and Goku does not. He explains to Goku that blutz waves are what is needed to transform. Blutz waves, according to Vegeta, are the sun’s rays which would normally bounce off the moon. He then shoots a special blast into the sky which reflects blutz waves and transforms him in to his great ape form.

Super Saiyan VegetaSuper Saiyan 1

First shown in the Android Saga, Vegeta displays his massive super saiyan power while fighting Android 19. Although not mentioned in DBZ, Vegeta’s super saiyan form is called “Super Vegeta” in the game “Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse.” In the video game his super saiyan form has more control over energy and attacks than the other characters in their super saiyan level 1 forms. As seen in the picture to the left, his hair is yellow or blonde while his eyes turn green.

Super Saiyan Ascended VegetaSuper Saiyan Ascended

This is considered the 2nd level of super saiyan level 1. Vegeta attains this level while training for the fight with Cell. He displays the power of Super Saiyan Ascended while fighting with Cell during the Cell Saga. The appearance is much like SS1 but he has much larger muscles. His power is increased drastically but with the increase in muscle size, he finds the form slightly cumbersome.

Super Saiyan 2 VegetaSuper Saiyan 2

It is unclear when Vegeta reaches super saiyan level 2. Most believe it happens when he becomes Majin Vegeta. It is also debatable which form he is more powerful in. However, he does use this ability during the Majin buu series and towards the end of Dragon Ball Z. He is also in this form when he fuses with Goku to fight Majin Buu as Vegito. Vegeta is also need in SS2 throughout parts of the DBGT series and in various DBZ movies and games.

Majin VegetaMajin Vegeta

Vegeta allows Babidi to harness the evil in his heart.  As Babidi does this, he takes control and gives Vegeta a large boost in power. In this form Vegeta has his typical appearance but with the addition of an “M” on his forehead. Most people agree that it is in this form that he is able to attain the level of Super Saiyan 2. However, he permforms a “Final Explosion” in a last attempt to kill Majin Buu. When he dies he loses his  majin form.

Baby VegetaBaby Vegeta

Much like his Majin form, his “Baby” form is out side of the typical saiyan transformations. This form is the result of being infected by the alien called “Baby.” Vegeta resists the affects of Baby longer than anyone previously but eventually the alien wins over and takes full control of Vegeta. Baby Vegeta is nearly as strong as SS4 Goku but not quite. Later, Vegeta is transformed in to his Oozaru form and then his tail is severed which reverts him back to his normal form, causing Baby to leave Vegeta’s body.

Golden Great Ape VegetaGolden Great Ape

Vegeta is transformed in to his Golden Great Ape (Golden Oozaru) form during his battle with SS4 Goku while he was possessed by the alien Baby (while he was in the Baby Vegeta form). This form became a necessity to compete fight against Goku in Super Saiyan 4 form. Vegeta is able to transform into his Golden Great Ape form with the help of Bulma’s “Blutz wave generator.” The generator creates the same type of effect that a full moon does for a saiyan with his/her tail.

Super Saiyan 4 VegetaSuper Saiyan 4

With the help of Bulma’s “Blutz wave generator,” Vegeta is able to regrow his tail, which is required for him to go in to his Great Ape form. During Dragon Ball GT, while in his Golden Great Ape form, Vegeta is able to regain control on himself, which is needed before the saiyan can reach Super Saiyan 4. In this form Vegeta has dark hair which is long and wavy. His eyes are a greenish-blue color with a slight shadow around his eye lids. His tail remains attached and he is covered in red fur.

Super Saiyan God VegetaSuper Saiyan God

(SSG) At some point between the movies ‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F’ Vegeta achieves the power of SSG. In order to attain this form, as seen in the Battle of the Gods movie, there must be a total of 6 pure-hearted saiyans which cast their power in to one saiyan. This saiyan obtains the power of a god. And like Goku, Vegeta is able to retain this power in his normal state.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan VegetaSuper Saiyan God Super Saiyan

(SSGSS) Vegeta, after gaining the power of SSG (Super Saiyan God), then uses his ability to go Super Saiyan with the SSG power, which transforms him in to a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. In this form Vegeta has blue hair and blue eye brows. He reaches this level while training with Whiz in the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrect F.” His powers are put to the test during the battle with Frieza. It is widely believed this form will be a part of the upcoming series “Dragon Ball Super.”



Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks and Bulla - FamilyThe story of Vegeta starts on “Planet Vegeta” with his father who is King Vegeta. Planet Vegeta and King Vegeta are eventually destroyed so Vegeta and a few others head to earth to get revenge for those responsible. Vegeta and the Z fighters battle and things end with them becoming friends. Vegeta meets Bulma and the two become friends and eventually get married. So Vegeta is married to Bulma and her parents are Dr. Brief and Mrs. Brief, who are now Vegeta’s mother and father-in-law. The two have a son called trunks, who comes from the future during the cell saga and is known as “future trunks.” They also have a daughter named Bulla in the Dragon Ball GT series.

Vegeta also has a brother who appears in the 2nd DBZ OVA “Son Goku and His Friends Return!!” His brother’s name is Tarble. He is a younger brother to Vegeta and was cast off to another planet as a small child due to his inability to become a strong saiyan warrior. Vegeta also has a sister-in-law, who is married to tarble. Her name is Gure.

He also has a distant relative who appears on the final episode of Dragon Ball GT. A young saiyan called “Vegeta Jr.” appears and fights “Goku Jr.” in a world martial arts tournament. This Vegeta Jr is believed to be the great grandson of Vegeta.


In the final episodes of DBZ and DBGT, the Z fighters fight against villains with more power than they have ever came against. They learn and utilize the ability to combine their power. This ability is called “Fusion.” In order for a fusion to work, two saiyans with around the same amount of power combine together to form one saiyan with more strength. Vegeta’s only fusion partner is Goku and the two combine to form Vegito during DBZ and Gogeta in DBGT.

  • Vegito – Vegeta and Goku fuse together during the fight with Buu in Dragon Ball Z. The two form a character known as “Vegito,” where Vegeta seems to be the more dominant character in the fusion.
  • Gogeta – This fusion form appears at the end of the Dragon Ball GT series when Vegeta and Goku are fighting “Syn” (Omega) Shenron. The two fuse together with the ability to go Super Saiyan 4.

Fusion is rarely used in the series and only happens a few times. This ability is used when the Z fighters are desperate for strength to defeat powerful villains such as Buu and Syn.