• Name: Bulma (ブルマ)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 ft 5 inches
  • Weight: 108 lbs


The heir to the capsule corporation; Bulma play a large role in the original Dragon Ball series. Her role in the Dragon Ball franchise consists of her supporting Goku and friends with their many battles.

From her first appearance in Dragon Ball, she is the very first friend that Goku makes. She is widely known for being the daughter of Dr. Brief (a well known scientist, owning the capsule corporation). Bulma and goku go on an adventure to find all the Dragon Balls and thus starting the long friendship between the two.

At one time Bulmba and Yamcha dated but that didn’t last long. Shortly after she meets Prince Vegeta and the two engage in marriage. Towards the end of Dragon Ball Z Bulma and Vegeta have a son named Trunks and a daughter named Bulla.

Bulma is the single most significant female character throughout the Dragon Ball series and movies; Goku and Bulma are the longest lasting characters.

Like all long-lasting members of the Dragon Ball series, Bulma undergoes a number of visual changes. Dragon Ball takes place when Bulma is a young, vibrant woman. She is perky and often-time hot headed! As Dragon Ball Z and even Dragon Ball GT come to a close, Bulma is obviously much older. She still plays a large role in these series and as always, she sports an upbeat attitude.

Bulma is known for her work as a scientist and eventually owning capsule corp. Her knowledge helps Vegeta, Trunks and the others on their way to becoming even more powerful. Training combat simulators and other gadgets are used throughout the series, movies, manga and games.


Being the daughter of Dr. Brief, the head of Capsule Corp, Bulma becomes a very skilled scientist which are used to aid her saiyan friends.  Below is a short list of her inventions both small and large.

  • Dragon Radar – Probably the most well known device from Bulma is the Dragon Radar. This technology is used to track Dragon Balls. The radar fits in one hand and is comparable in size to a compass. The screen is slightly rounded and contains a cross in the middle, which marks the location of the person holding the dragon radar. It also marks any Dragon Balls within the area. This makes finding all 7 Dragon Balls much easier for Bulma and friends.
  • PP Candy – A vitamin Bulma made to teach Oolong to be obedient. She gives this to him towards the beginning of the Dragon Ball series. Bulma tricks Oolong in to eating the candy and any time she yells “Pii Pii,” it gives poor Oolong the runs.
  • Converted Scouter – Bulma fixes the power level scouter for Raditz. After she finishes, the converted scouter can now read power levels in english.

These are just a few of her many creations. Bulma is also responsible for creating Trunks’ fighting jacket, cybernetic scouting planes, many gadgets used by the Great Saiyanman and more.